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KEY TERMINOLOGY. Build: When the ingredients are poured directly into the serving glass filled with plenty of ice. Stir: Preferred when a drink contains a distilled spirit, the trick is to combine the ingredients and dissolve enough ice to water down the potent mix. Strain: Needed if a cocktail contains ice or muddled fruit in order to remove.

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Okay, so let's get to the bit about what is good to mix with gin other than tonic water. Bitter lemon is a carbonated beverage featuring the zesty tang of lemon and a pleasant bitterness. When paired with a dry gin like Bulldog Gin, the bitterness of this lemon drink harmonises with the gin's botanicals, enhancing the overall taste.The citrusy undertones also complement the juniper-forward.

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One of the most classic of all gin drinks is the Gin Fizz! It's perfectly balanced, both sweet and tart, and adding soda water magically creates a frothy egg white foam topping. Oh and it takes only 5 minutes to make! You'll need a short list of ingredients: gin, lime juice, maple syrup, soda water, and an egg white.

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Wondering what to mix with gin? Our guide walks you through 13 different delicious options to try at home when you're unsure which mixer to use. Order within 00:00:00 for delivery tomorrow in.

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Apple juice. 13. Cola (Coke) 14. Earl Grey tea. 15. Cucumber. If you're wondering what to mix with gin, you can sit back and relax—The Mixer's got you, boo. From classics like tonic water and bitter lemon to niche options like Earl Grey tea, there is a gin mixer out there with your name on it.

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Whether you like fresh homemade lemonade or bubbly bought-in lemonade, it is one of the ultimate summer soft drinks, especially when mixed with gin. Those citrusy, zesty, sweet-tart mix of lemon flavours are the perfect partners to craft gin. And, because lemonade is so versatile, you can simply swap tonic for lemonade in most standard G&T recipes.

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In the summer, mix a light, herbaceous gin (try Beefeater) with fiery ginger beer to create an uber-refreshing drink. Or, for a warming drink that battles the winter weather, mix an aged gin (like.

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6. Pineapple Juice. Sweet, acidic, and slightly funky, pineapple isn't just for tiki drinks. A complex gin like Jaisalmer can stand up to, and complement, the fruit's tropical flavors, while a.

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4 / 10. Cucumber Gin & Tonic Pitcher Cocktail. This pitcher version of a gin and tonic recipe adds muddled cucumbers to the mix for extra refreshment. Go to Recipe. 5 / 10. Classic Negroni. The combination of four simple ingredients — Campari, sweet vermouth, gin, and orange peel — is seriously the perfect sip. Go to Recipe. 6 / 10.

20 of the best gin mixers to try when you don't have (or like!) tonic

9. Clover Club. The Clover Club is one of our favorite drinks with gin, and is a true pre-prohibition classic! This gin drink is a simple combination of gin, raspberry syrup, and lemon juice. Often egg white is used to give the cocktail a silky mouthfeel and a big, foamy head.

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Monkey Gland. Shannon Graham. Gin and orange juice are another fantastic flavor combination and while the drinks listed below are more well-known, the monkey gland is far more interesting. It is, in fact, a personal favorite of all gin cocktails.

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23 Skiddoo. Photograph: Jessica Leibowitz. Elderflower liqueur needs to be used sparingly to keep drinks from tasting perfume-y, but this one makes it work, mixing St-Germain with sparkling wine, gin, lemon juice, and a homemade thyme syrup. The cocktail is bright, herbal, festive, and balanced just right.

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Long Rays Pacific Tonic. Sits closer to a soda than a tonic in our view and really allows your gin to shine. Soda Water. Lets the flavour of the gin shine through. Long Rays Dark Soda. Great way to throw in a different vibe to a gin and soda. Slightly smokey vibe. Fever-Tree Blood Orange Soda.

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Seltzer. Seltzer works with nearly any liquor, and gin is no exception. It's low in sugar, very bubbly, and almost tasteless. To add some texture to your drink without disrupting its flavor profile, seltzer or carbonated water is the go-to. If you're purely looking to add texture to your drink, go for a flavorless seltzer.

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The acidity of a lemon or a lime cuts through the sweetness of the cola and makes the drink much more interesting. You can add the lime to this gin and coke in two ways: Squeeze in a lime wedge: Before you garnish with a lime wedge, squeeze it into the drink. This will add about 1 teaspoon lime juice. Add ½ ounce (1 tablespoon) lime juice.

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Ginger Beer. Brent Hofacker/Shutterstock. Just like gin is one of those liquors many of us think we should enjoy more often, ginger beer is one of those beverages we think we should have more.