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Here are 30 Creative Summer Fundraiser Names: Summer Solstice Celebration. Sizzling Summer Social. Sunny Day Fundraiser. Under the Summer Sun. Pool Party for a Purpose. Summertime Soiree. Beach Bash for a Cause. Summer Fest: Music and More.

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Description: Create teams within your sales department and track each team's progress throughout the contest period. Give each team a fun and unique name related to your industry or company. Think outside the box and come up with creative names like "The Cold Call Crushers" or "The Sales Sharks.".

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The first is to award users a picnic basket filled with yummy foods. The second way to use summer picnics to your advantage is to host a UGC contest. Collect video, text, or photos about best memories of a recent picnic. You could also even theme it around pictures of picnic basket contents. Two ideas in one!

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Consider names like "Summer Sweat Fest", "Sunshine Fitness Extravaganza", or "Fun in the Sun Fitness Challenge". By choosing one of these unique themes or coming up with your own, you can create an engaging and memorable fitness challenge that stands out from others in the industry. Remember to align the chosen theme with the goals.

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Here are some ideas: Run a coin flip discount day: For each purchase, have customers flip a coin and call heads or tails. If the customer wins, they get a percentage discount based on the value of the coin. Quarter flips = 25% off, dime flips = 10% off, and nickel flips = 5% off.

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Eat All You Can Food Fiesta. Festival of the Youth. The Unmarried Club Festival. Puppies Galore Festival. Animals of All Kinds Festival. The Prayer Warriors. Cloud That Thought Music Fest. Arts & Scribbles Art Festival. Tattoo Your Body Art Festival.


To save your time, we've collected some of the most creative name ideas for a sales contest. These should give you plenty of inspiration for coming up with a great name on your own. The Unforgettable Salesman. Assertive Winners. The Largest Sale Contest. Royal Rumble. Super Duper Sales.

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Whatever the goal, a raffle contest is ideal for getting people to be interested in your brand by capturing their attention through the prizes you're offering. Below are some raffle contest name ideas you can use to market an event. Get It To Win It. Wheel of Fortune. Drop and Win.

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Summer is the perfect time to get outside, have fun, and create lasting memories with friends and family. According to a report by PR Newswire, 72% of events are expected to be held in-person this summer.. If you're planning a summer event, whether it's a backyard BBQ, a pool party, or a music festival, one of the most important things you'll need is a catchy name that gets guests.

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9. Big Diwali Blast: Diwali themed contest to promote the sales of the products that are on special discounts for Diwali. 10. Stuffing Sales: This contest represents the celebration of Thanksgiving. Run this contest to promote the Thanksgiving special offers in your store.

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Try these 5 summer contest ideas to raise your profile and increase brand awareness online. Summer Photo Contest ideas to collect user-generated content. Summer photo contest idea: boost your social media engagement and presence with Mention + Hashtag Contests. Segment your leads with summer-themed quizzes. Spread the word about your brand with.

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Namify's event name generator is an all-in-one branding solution. Namify generates thousands of contextual names based on your keyword inputs. Saving you a lot of time on brainstorming. Namify also checks for domain, social media username and trademark availability so that you aren't wasting time on vetting every shortlisted name but.

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2. Summer Hashtag Contest. Hashtag contests are another popular giveaway idea for summer, promoting brand awareness on social media. Giveaways like this are easy to run because the entry criteria involve minimal effort. Take Metropole South Beach, for example.

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Winter Wishes Wowfest. Jingle Bell Bargain Bonanza. Mistletoe Madness Mania. Holiday Happiness Hubbub. Festive Fiesta Frenzy. Seasonal Savings Spectacle. Merry Marvelous Markdowns. Yuletide Bliss Bonanza. Winter Whimsy Wonderland.


To help you brainstorm, we've put together 210 unforgettable contest name ideas, along with tips for choosing the ultimate name for your next giveaway.. Types of Contest Names. Puns: Inject humor with names like "Win-Win Situation" or "Sweepstakes Stakes." Rhyming: Boost memorability with "Prizes and Surprises" or "Spin and Win." Funny: Make 'em chuckle with "Loot or Boot.

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The sales associate with the best record wins. 14. Who Wants To Be A (Insert Company Name)-aire. This name's inspiration is taken by the hit tv show "Who wants to be a millionaire". Run a parent/child contest here for one month with each week representing a different behavior and rolling up to the parent contest.