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First of all: this is totally interactive! A team locked in a room and they have to escape in time by solving riddles combine objects that hidden in the room and coopeate with the other members of the team. You controll everything, you can't lean back and watch whats happening like in the cinema, it's up to you and your team if you manage to.

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Available on the Plus Plan. Uncover the location of the missing Thanksgiving turkey with a 4th-grade multiplication Thanksgiving Mystery escape room activity. Solve the Mystery of the Missing Turkey! An Escape-Room Style Math Game. Thanksgiving is upon us, and it's time to transform your students into problem solvers, detectives, and.

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turkey! Save the. Yes, I can! Can you help them escape? Chocolate and Chip are real stars among turkeys. All of the other turkeys admire them for their exceptional beauty - they are big, fat and can make the loudest gobble. Unfortunately, yesterday some cruel men captured them while they were on their way to a very important ceremony.

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Free Virtual Thanksgiving Escape Room. You can play it from the embedded form below or use the link below the form if you don't want to link to the site itself. Either way is fine. Teachers, please note that you will not get copies of your students' answers or an alert that they completed the escape room.

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1 Black Friday Escape Prompt. 1 Shopping Route Map Google Slide. 1 Titus Farm Google Slide. 17 Google Form Challenges. 1 Congratulations Certificate. 1 Venn Diagram. 1 Compare & Contrast Writing activity. 1 Compare & Contrast writing rubric. 2 printable pdf packets with same articles and challenge questions.

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Thanksgiving Escape Challenge. $ 6.00. Get your students excited about learning with this Thanksgiving Escape Challenge activity! This escape challenge is perfect for any ELA upper elementary classroom. Throughout the activity, students work collaboratively with partners or in groups to solve ELA related challenges and find clues in order to.

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potential answer keys all over your room so they have to find the correct one if you wanted. You could even double up the wrong answers if you want to make it more challenging. There is a code on the top right corner. The correct Code 2477 (answer diagram included with the puzzles) 7. At this station, students get two large snowflakes.

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Description. SAVE THE TURKEY is an engaging digital math review game with a Thanksgiving theme and addition (1st-2nd) multiplication (3rd) focus. Students will open a Google Form and be introduced Trina the Turkey. She needs the help of your class to avoid the dinner table this Thanksgiving!

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Phoebe the Piglet doesn't believe the fact the humans eat animals. Rob the Rooster has seen chickens disappear. Bob the Bull is new on the farm. His girlfriend Caitlin the Cow told him her husband had vanished under strange circumstances. Dorothy the Donkey is sure that humans eat only vegetables and fruit from the farm.

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Link to the escape room and a short URL for easy sharing; Details for implementing this product within the classroom or in a training or event; Detailed answer key; Tips for participants; Two types of optional hint cards for participants; Optional success signs to snap a photo with to celebrate your virtual escape

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Step 2: Design the Escape Room. Next, design your escape room. You can base it on a friendly storyline, like Mr. Turkey's escape, where players must help Mr. Turkey evade capture just before Thanksgiving dinner. You can make it as complex or as simple as you like, depending on the age of the players. My escape room is Escape on the Mayflower.

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During the escape, students will be tasked with solving 3 lock clues in order to escape the room and bring Tutu the Turkey back home to the farm. There is a pdf included in this download with directions, the link to the site, an answer key and an optional note taking worksheet for students. This activity takes about 20 to 30 minutes to complete.

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A zoo themed escape room for younger grades or use as an introduction to escape rooms. Created with Google tools. ANSWERS: 4 Directional Lock: WNES. Follow the directions beginning at the star and visiting each place on the map. 4 Color Lock: YGBO. The secret message clue gives you the order of the animal colors on the bottom of the page.

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An answer key and teacher directions are provided. Time needed: 30-60 minutes. This escape room includes 12 fun, colorful signs to take class pictures with at the end of the mission. Signs include "Puzzle Master", "She did all the work", "Genius", "We did it", "I Escaped" and more! Hang the pictures in your room, send them.

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Throughout the activity, students work collaboratively with partners or in groups to solve ELA related challenges and find clues in order to help a turkey escape before Thanksgiving! This escape room is perfect for in-person, hybrid, or virtual learning as it includes both a printable PDF AND digital version. This escape room is also included.