Horchata of the Morro Fermore

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What is horchata de morro? Horchata is one of many South American and Spanish drinks made from plant milk. It is part of the big family of aguas frescas ('fresh waters' in Spanish). The Salvadoran version called horchata de morro is prepared with ground morro seeds and is consumed all over the country. This drink is also prepared with squash seeds, white rice, sesame seeds, peanuts, cocoa.

Horchata of the Morro Fermore

In El Salvador, horchata is made from the seeds of the morro, a fruit that looks a little like green coconut and grows attached to the trunk or large branches of the morro tree. After drying in the sun, the seeds are ground and mixed with water to make the horchata.


The key component in Mexican horchata is rice, in Spanish horchata are tiger nuts, and in Salvadorian are morro seeds. Moreover, while Mexican and Spanish horchata soaks the dry ingredients first, Salvadorian horchata sun-dries or toasts the seeds before adding the liquid.. Typically, Salvadoran horchata is a mixture of grounded morro seed.

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Lindos, Unanse conmiguo en preparar una horchata deliciosa con semillas de morro. Esta bebiba es tan refrescante para estos dias calorosos, y por eso espero.


My mum and I try a new recipe to make Horchata de Morro - El Salvador's unique flavour punched drink. This is one variation of Horchata de Morro - every regi.

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Horchata - Ground Morro Seeds or Jicara Beverage. El Salvador's Horchata de Morro, also known as the Salvadoran Horchata, is part of the large group of agua frescas ("fresh waters" in Spanish). In El Salvador, horchata de morro is made with ground morro seeds or Jicara fruit. It is consumed throughout the nation.

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Another bold recipe, Salvadoran-style horchata de morro, is made with the seeds of a fruit from the morro tree and given complexity by adding cacao, sesame seeds, alguashte (ground pumpkin seeds.

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Mexican Horchata: The classic rice-based concoction with hints of cinnamon. Spanish Horchata: Chufa-based horchata, a Mediterranean delight. Horchata de Morro: Exploring the El Salvadorian take with morro seeds. Innovations and Fusions: Horchata-inspired desserts, cocktails, and culinary creations. 5. Serving Suggestions: Make Every Sip Special

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Instructions. Put rice, 3 cups water, and cinnamon sticks in blender. Blend for about 1 minute to break up the rice and cinnamon sticks. Transfer rice water mixture to a large pitcher or allow to sit in the blender and add as much of the remaining water as you can. Let mixture soak overnight, or at least 3 to 4 hours.

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The two of us ordered horchata. Salvadoran horchata. Yam Leaf Bistro's horchata has grounded morro seeds mixed with milk or almond milk. We went with (regular) milk.. Salvadorans are fiercely loyal to their horchata, made from the seeds of morro, a green, hard-shelled fruit that looks like a coconut. Mexicans are just as steadfast about.

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8. Salvadoran Horchata. Salvadoran horchata is a traditional breakfast drink made from morro seeds, rice, and a blend of spices such as cinnamon and nutmeg. It is a popular beverage in El Salvador and is often served chilled as a refreshing accompaniment to meals or as a delicious treat on its own.

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Artículo relacionado: 10 bebidas típicas de El Salvador. Cómo hacer horchata de morro salvadoreña. A continuación conocerás la forma de preparar horchata de morro natural. Ingredientes. Los ingredientes para preparar una deliciosa horchata de morro, son los siguientes: 3 Libras de Semilla de Morro; 4 Onzas de cacahuete (también conocido.


Every horchata in El Salvador may taste slightly different due to the ratio of the ingredients and some may omit certain ingredients or add different ones such as milk.. 4oz morro seed. 2oz peanuts. 2 oz de sesame seeds. 1 semilla de cacao o 1 tbsp of coaca powder. 1 oz pumpkin seed. 1 oz cinammon . 1/4 tbsp Vanilla or to taste.

Horchata de Morro Traditional Salvadoran Recipe 196 flavors

Cómo preparar horchata de morro. Todas las semillas y el arroz se asan por separado en una cacerola pequeña o en el horno. A continuación, se trituran hasta obtener un polvo fino. Esta mezcla se puede preservar de esta manera para posteriormente preparar las horchatas más fácilmente. Debe conservarse en una caja sellada.

Horchata de morro is a popular Salvadoran drink made from a blend of

Horchata De Morro . Horchata de morro is a popular drink consumed across the country. This is a plant-based drink consisting of ground morro seeds, white rice, sesame seeds, squash seeds, cocoa beans, peanuts, cinnamon, coriander, nutmeg, and allspice. It is comforting, sweet, and really tasty - especially when accompanied by Salvadoran foods.

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Salvadoran horchata is typically made with a combination of rice, morro seeds (also known as jicaro seeds), cinnamon, and sometimes other flavorings such as vanilla or cocoa. These ingredients are blended together with water and then strained to create a refreshing and flavorful beverage. How does Salvadoran horchata differ from Mexican.