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The short answer is yes, you can. Using a crock pot to melt chocolate is a simple process. All you need to do is place the chocolate in a heatproof bowl or container, and then place that container in the crock pot. Turn the crock pot on to the lowest setting, and allow the chocolate to melt slowly. This method is great for melting larger.

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Set the temperature to high and cook for 30 minutes, without the lid. (Having the lid on can create moisture and it can drop in your chocolate.) After 30 minutes, stir the chocolate in each jar. Melt for another 30 minutes or until the chocolate reaches the desired level of meltiness.

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Simply put the chocolate filled jars into the crock pot {you can put multiple jars in at the same time} then pour water in around the jars, until it is about half-way up the side of the jars. Be careful NOT to get water INTO the jars. It has disastrous consequences on the melting process. Finally, turn the crock pot on high and LEAVE THE LID.

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Prepare double boiler by adding a couple of inches of water to a medium pot and place on stove top. Heat the water until a gentle simmer. Place a heatproof bowl on top of the pot. Make sure the bowl does not touch the water. Add 3/4 of the chocolate chips to the bowl. Stir with a spatula until they start to melt.

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To melt chocolate in a crockpot, start by adding your chocolate to a heat-safe bowl. Place the bowl in the crockpot and fill the crockpot with an inch or two of water. Turn the crockpot on to the low heat setting and allow the chocolate to melt slowly. Stir the chocolate occasionally to ensure even melting.

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Yes, you can melt chocolate directly in a saucepan on the stovetop. Melting chocolate directly in a skillet or saucepan. The method: Directly in a dry saucepan over low heat. The results: Time: 2.5 to 3.5 minutes . Number of dishes to wash: 1 . Effectiveness: 10/10 . Scorching potential: 6/10

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Quick Answer. Yes, you can melt chocolate in a crockpot for dipping. Simply place the chocolate chips or pieces in a heatproof bowl that will fit inside the crockpot. Fill the crockpot with enough water to come halfway up the sides of the bowl. Turn the crockpot on low and let the chocolate melt slowly, stirring occasionally.

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Vanilla almond bark is used for the coating, but you can use chocolate almond bark, white chocolate chips, white candy melts, or other melting chocolate substitutes. This recipe was tested using a 4 qt slow cooker. Store leftovers with parchment paper between layers. You can add things like mini marshmallows, candies or more chocolate chips.

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Instructions. Add everything but the candy cane into your slow cooker and set the slow cooker's heat to low. Pop in a movie, fix yourself dinner or go for a run, and in an hour or so you'll have a melty crockpot full of candy. Stir to incorporate and add spoonfuls onto parchment paper to cool + harden.

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Place the chocolate in the crock pot. Add enough water to come up about an inch on the side of the pot. Turn the crock pot on low and stir occasionally until the chocolate is melted. Be careful not to let any water get into the chocolate or it will seize up and be ruined. If your recipe calls for adding milk, cream, butter, or other ingredients.

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Melting the Chocolate. Chop the chocolate into small, uniform pieces to ensure even melting. Place the chocolate in a heatproof bowl and carefully place the bowl in the crock pot, making sure that it is not touching the water. Stir the chocolate occasionally to promote even melting. Once the chocolate is smooth and glossy, it is ready to use.

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Put your baking chips into heat-resistant bowls or jam jars and put them into the Crock-Pot. Add hot water around the jars till it reaches about halfway up the sides. Be careful not to get any water into the chocolate. Turn the slow cooker onto High. Do not put the lid on or condensation will drip down into the chocolate.

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Heat in the microwave for 30 seconds. Remove the bowl from the microwave and stir. Return the bowl to the microwave for 20 seconds. Remove the bowl from the microwave and stir. Return the bowl to the microwave for 20 seconds. Repeat as needed until the chocolate is melted.

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1. Put baking chips (or other melting chocolate) in bowl (s) or jar (s) and set inside slow cooker. If using more than one, make sure there is a little space between jars/bowls. 2. Add hot water to the slow cooker approx. half way up the sides of the jars/bowls. WARNING: be careful not to get any water inside the jars.

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Heat. Add about 1 inch of water to a pot and place it over medium-high heat. Simmer. Bring the water to a simmer. Add chips to a bowl. Add your chocolate chips to a heat-safe glass or metal bowl and place the bowl over your pot of simmering water. Stir. Vigorously stir the chocolate chips until melted and smooth.

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This slow cooker candy recipe is broken into 2 components: melt the ingredients. remove from the slow cooker and allow to harden. * Be sure to see the recipe card below for the full ingredients list & instructions! STEP 1: Melt the ingredients. Melt chocolate for one hour on low.