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Best Beef Hot Dog: Hebrew National All Natural Uncured Beef Franks. While we found Sabrett to be the overall winner, the Hebrew National All Natural Uncured Beef Franks were another one of our favorites. Compared to the Sabrett franks, which were skinless, this beef hot dog had a casing, which added a textural element.

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None of these hot dogs meet the technical criteria of less than 140mg sodium for a true low sodium food. But, these hot dogs have about 30% less sodium than most hot dogs. Trader Joe's Uncured Beef Hot Dogs have only 310mg sodium per hot dog. Although this is still a fair amount of sodium, it was the lowest sodium hot dog I could find.

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This frank is still handcrafted the old-fashioned way with the highest quality blends of meat and select spices for a flavor uniquely Hofmann. 1. 2. 50% Lower Sodium Than Our Regular Product (reduced from 560mg to 280mg) No Artificial Flavors or Colors. No Nitrates or Nitrites. No By-Products. Gluten Free.

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1. Sizzling Grilled Greek Hot Dogs: Boost the flair of your low sodium hot dogs with this Mediterranean masterpiece. Imagine sinking your teeth into a richly browned hot dog, bursting with tantalizing flavors. Inspired by a traditional Greek dish, this unique recipe brings a wholesome twist to your average hot dogs.

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Home / Hot Dogs / Lower Sodium Natural Casing Hot Dog (1-lb packages) $55.50. SKU: 1801 Category: Hot Dogs. Add to cart. 38% less sodium than similar wieners as compared to USDA national nutrient database. 8 links per pound. Each case contains 12 X 1 lb. packages. Fully cooked and gluten free!

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Applegate Great Organic Beef Hot Dog Uncured. $7.29. Amazon. Buy It. Beef, spices and that's about it. These tasty hot dogs are free of nitrates and have only 110 calories and 9 grams of fat per.

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0%. Calcium 8mg. 0%. Potassium 259mg. 6%. Our Hot Dogs are fully cooked. Just heat to 160ºF and enjoy! Check Out a Few of Our Preferred Methods. You can watch your sodium and still enjoy a delicious frank with this 3 lb pack of Kayem Lower Sodium Hot Dogs.

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If you are looking for the best low-sodium hot dog brands, Coleman is the number one brand that most people point to. This is a very popular hotdog brand that has dominated the market for many years. Though there are many other low-sodium hotdog brands to choose from, such as Dietz and Watson, Oscar Mayer, Lightlife, and Sabrett.

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no antibiotics ever. no added hormones. FIND A STORE. Buy Online. Uncured All-Beef Hot Dogs from Coleman Natural are exclusively made with ingredients you'll be happy to feed your family, starting with the beef. These hot dogs are made from humanely raised cattle, sourced from American family farms that never use antibiotics or added hormones.

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Best Beef-Based Low-Fat Hot Dog: Ball Park Lean Beef Hot Dogs. Courtesy of Ball Park. Per 1 frank (50 g): 80 calories, 5 g total fat (2 g sat. fat), 6 g protein, 2 g carbohydrates, 480 mg sodium. These healthy hot dogs are made with 100% beef and have zero artificial colors or flavors. Just enough salt and a dash of paprika extract ensure the.

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Credit: Seemoree. These juicy sausages are bursting with carrots, herbs, and celery. Boehmer likes that each link contains a whopping 10 grams of protein. Add it to your. favorite whole wheat bun.

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In other words, Thousand Hills' Hickory Smoked Beef Hot Dogs have ended up with a lower fat content than many store bought hot dogs because of the way its cattle are fed. 6. Applegate Naturals Beef Hot Dog. Applegate. The next frank is the first to appear from natural and organic meat brand Applegate.

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Nutrition. Our tasty all beef hot dogs are all natural, skinless, uncured and made with beef that's never given antibiotics. Containing no added nitrates, nitrites or preservatives, they're fully cooked and ready for the grill or pan. Eight (8) come in each package. Visit to order these delicious hot dogs for home delivery.

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By Sally Wadyka. July 18, 2018. While no one is claiming that hot dogs could ever be considered a health food, their healthiness quotient has improved since the days when they were stuffed with.

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Colorado wasn't even yet a state when Coleman began as a cattle ranch in 1875. Today, the brand is owned by Perdue Farms. It specializes in making all-natural meats and is one of the pioneers of USDA organic standards. Coleman Natural Uncured Beef Hot Dogs have lower sodium (260mg per dog) compared to many other franks.

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The ingredients: organic grass-fed beef, water; contains less than 2% of sea salt, organic vinegar, baking soda, organic granulated garlic, organic paprika, organic spices, organic dehydrated.