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Rub one of the mint leaves on the inside of the julep cup and the rim of the glass julep cup. Add the coffee liqueur, orange liqueur, the mint leaves and the syrup. Muddle lightly, then add the bourbon and give everything a quick swirl. Fill the cup with cracked ice and clear a small hole for the mint sprig garnish and straw.

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6 Reviews. $15.95. SKU MINTJULEPCWHOLE BEAN. Mint Julep Flavored Coffee. Mint Julep coffee from CoffeeAM is a unique blend that combines the refreshing taste of mint with the creamy flavor of caramel. It is a balanced and smooth coffee that can be enjoyed hot or cold. This coffee is perfect for those who prefer a touch of sweetness in their cup.

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Black Tap Coffee, Charleston Aromatic mint and sweet honey dance beautifully with the chocolate and toffee notes of espresso in this coffee julep from Charleston's beloved Black Tap. Get the recipe here. Corvus Coffee, Denver Always looking to create the next great recipe, the baristas at Corvus Coffee have switched up their julep this summer.

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Instructions. Make mint simple syrup: Bring the water and sugar to a boil in a small saucepan. Stir until the sugar dissolves. Submerge 1 cup tightly packed mint leaves in the liquid. Remove the pan from the heat, cover, and infuse for 1 hour. Strain the syrup through a fine-mesh strainer into a clean, lidded jar.

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The Coffee Julep Mocktail is the ultimate mint flavored summer drink. To mix, shake all ingredients with ice. Strain into a lowball glass with ice, before garnishing with an extra mint sprig.

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The coffee and the dark rum give a sweet taste, combined with the sour and bitter to make a perfectly balanced cocktail. Great for a late brunch. Bartender Tip:Use your favorite ground coffee to macerate the Cynar.. How to make Julep Coffee - video recipe 0:01 - 3:20. Autoplay off. 0:01 - 3:20 Chapter 1 / 8. 1. 0:36 Prepare.

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Instructions. Make simple syrup: In a small saucepan, heat 1 cup water with 1 cup sugar until sugar dissolves. Set aside to cool. Use 1 tsp per mint julep cocktail. Store leftover syrup in a sealed container in the fridge. Use in more mint juleps, iced tea, or other drinks. Use within a year.

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Place mint and ¼ ounce simple syrup in julep cup or 8- to 10-ounce old-fashioned glass and gently crush leaves with a wooden muddler, working them up sides of glass. Step 2. Loosely pack glass with finely crushed ice, then add bourbon. Drizzle remaining simple syrup on top and garnish with mint sprig lightly dusted with sugar, if desired.

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Julep Coffee, Tijuana, Baja California. 517 likes · 14 talking about this · 38 were here. Cafeteria de especialidades en Zona Centro, Tijuana Espacio para eventos y colaboraciones 﫶

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The Coffee Shops Cantook. At Cantook, a small coffee shop where coffee comes to life. They don't just roast our coffee in-house - they research, observe and savor its intricacies in a quest for the perfect cup! Aromas and delicate tasting notes tell the story of this never-ending journey to quality.

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The Coffee Mint Julep cocktail is a delightful fusion of coffee and the classic Mint Julep.The combination of coffee's rich flavors and the refreshing mint creates a unique and invigorating drink perfect for coffee and cocktail enthusiasts alike. This cocktail is great for a brunch gathering, an afternoon pick-me-up, or as a special treat after dinner.

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Coffee liqueur and Demerara Gum Syrup give this Julep a jolt of rich flavor. Ingredients: ¼ oz Demerara Gum Syrup ¼ oz coffee liqueur 2 ½ oz bourbon whiskey mint Instructions: Muddle 5-10 mint leaves with syrup in a julep cup Fill with crushed ice and add bourbon and coffee liqueur Stir until cold and frosty, then top

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[email protected]. About us. While driving up to Highlands, NC to look for investment properties, Lauren (a decorator, designer, & restauranteur) and Rick Weaver (techno-geek & former US Marine ) stumbled upon this enchanting pasture. Lauren & Rick decided to purchase the land and Julep Farms was born. They then started to create a farm with a.

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Muddle 8 to 10 leaves in the bottom of a glass with a pinch of sugar. Add ice and cold coffee, and you've still got a pretty minty take. In both versions, a healthy handful of fresh mint sprigs.

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Steps to Make It. Gather the ingredients. Place 4 to 5 fresh mint sprig leaves and 2 sugar cubes, or 1/2 ounce simple syrup into a julep cup, collins glass, or double old-fashioned glass. Muddle well to dissolve the sugar and release the oil and aroma of the mint. Add 2 1/2 ounces bourbon whisky.