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For more high temperature caster options, pricing and availability, please call our West Reading, PA office at 1-800-215-8220. Sort By: Page of 2 : 4" x 2" Rigid Caster - High Temperature Phenolic Wheel - 800 Lbs Cap. Top plate size: 4" x 4-1/2" Our Price: $35.17 . 4" Swivel Caster - High Temperature Phenolic Wheel - 800 Lbs Cap..

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You can trust our experts to find the ideal caster or wheel to keep your business moving. With 150 years of experience in the caster industry, you can count on our qualified team. Ask about our unique line of high-quality, high temp casters by calling Caster Central at (800) 445-4082.

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Start with high-temperature grease. One of the primary considerations for high temperature casters is the grease used in your casters—standard low-temperature grease works fine for temperatures up to around 150 degrees Fahrenheit. At higher temperatures, it will start to liquefy and run out of the wheels and swivel sections.

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High Temp Casters: Introducing Forged Steel Casters by Caster Concepts . Introducing the ultimate high heat caster. With the prowess of forged steel, our casters endure temperatures of up to 800°F and bear an impressive load of 20,000 pounds per caster. How? It starts with heating carbon steel billets to a whopping 2400 degrees, followed by a.

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These durable, heat-resistant casters are meticulously designed to endure the harsh conditions prevalent in industries such as bakery ovens, aerospace, and autoclaves. In certain high-temperature contexts where temperatures fluctuate between 150°F and 450°F, specialized high-temperature wheels and heat-resistant casters are indispensable.

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Here's why CasterHQ's High-Temperature Caster Wheels should be your go-to choice: Exceptional Heat Resistance: Sustain temperatures up to 475°F consistently and 575°F intermittently. Ideal for industrial ovens, foundries, and bakeries. Unmatched Durability: Our wheels are designed for heavy-duty applications, promising excellent load.

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4" Bakery Rack Oven Casters with Easy Rolling Ball bearings, Set of 4 (All Brakes) Part # Q504003OVBB-KIT-AB. $105.13. Add to Cart. 4" x 2" High Temp Nylon Wheel Swivel Caster - 800 Lbs Capacity. Part # 146HEAT420S. $23.90. Add to Cart. 4" x 2" High Temp Nylon Wheel Swivel Brake Caster - 800 Lbs Capacity.

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High-Temperature Phenolic Wheels. With a maximum temperature of 470° F, these wheels are often used in bakeries and production lines with heating elements. Choose from our selection of high temp rollers, including ultra-high-temperature casters, extra-high-capacity brute casters, and more. In stock and ready to ship.

5" Top Plate Rigid 280℃ High Temperature Caster(Double Bearing)287 LBS

High Temp Casters. Casters,Plate Mount Casters,High Temp Casters,Medium Duty Casters (500 - 2000 LBs. Capacity),6" Casters - (1) In certain industries, high temperature casters are critical. You will find applications for high temperature casters in aerospace, baking, smokehouses, autoclaves, medical environments, and others.

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Withstanding temperatures up to 1600° F, these are the most heat-resistant casters we offer. Their iron wheels offer the strength and wear resistance you need for heavy loads and long life. They roll best on smooth surfaces.. Wheels ride directly on the axle rather than on bearings, making these casters an economical choice for equipment that is not frequently moved.

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8" X 2" High Temperature Phenolic Wheel Swivel Caster - 900 lbs Capacity. 4" x 4-1/2" Mounting Plate. List Price: $106.47. Compare. Select Options. Shop the highest quality High-Temperature Caster and Wheels for Oven Racks, Bakery Racks, and High Temperature Applications. Shop High Temp Casters and Wheels for Oven and Bakery Racks | Caster HQ.

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Extra-High-Capacity Compact Alliance Casters with Metal Wheels. With the smallest mounting plates and the lowest mounting heights of extra-high-capacity casters, these are a strong choice for tight spaces. Choose from our selection of nonmarking high-temperature casters, ultra-high-temperature casters, high-capacity vulcan casters, and more.

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Since 1885, Colson's quality lines of casters and wheels have defined the caster industry. Leading warranties and continuous innovations, including the unrivaled Performa wheel, have established Colson as one of the most-trusted caster brands in the world today.. HIGH TEMPERATURE. TPE HI-TEMP. VIEW AND BUILD QUOTE. THERMOTECH. VIEW AND.

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High Temperature Casters. High Temperature Wheels with a prefix "NP" in the part number are made of nylon mixed with glass fiber. They perform best in moist heat applications such as in smokehouses, moist heat bakery and autoclave applications and around water and steam such a pressurized steam-autoclave. Temperature Rating: Up to 425° F.

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GET THE ORIGINAL OEM BRAND HIGH-TEMP BAKERY RACK CASTER: Trusted nationwide with a 5-1/8" overall height, these casters feature a 4" diameter, 1.5" wide wheel, and support 500 lbs each. They're the authentic, food-safe choice for oven racks, offering unmatched reliability and performance. Choose the proven, original solution for your baking needs.

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LINCO High Temp Phenolic Swivel Caster with Top Plate and Top Lock Brake 4". $34.51. Add to Cart. Expertly designed for commercial bakeries and high temperature applications, the bakery caster wheels are available in stainless steel and zinc plated with different ranges of temperatures. The best part is that these casters are resistant to fats.