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Heartbreakers Dora Red Hybrid Tomato. 70-85 days. Juicy fruits have tender skins, weigh up to 1/2 oz. and when cut in half, have an eye-catching heart shape. Deliciously sweet flavor has the perfect sugar to acid ratio with a Brix of 9%. Sturdy, uniform plants produce nicely branched trusses of 14 to 18 fruits that standout for easy harvest.

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Heartbreakers™ Dora Orange Hybrid Tomato. #00337. Write a Review. 10 Seeds. $6.65. 70-85 days. Beautiful bright orange fruits weigh up to 1/2 oz. each, have the same adorable heart shape when cut open and will make the perfect complement to Dora Red. Fruits explode with juicy, sweet flavor, have the perfect sugar to acid ratio and display.

15 Heartbreaker Tomato Hanging Basket YouTube

Common Name. Heartbreakers™ Dora Red Hybrid Tomato. 70-85 Days. Fruits grow in clusters of approx. 8 to 10, weigh up to 1/2 oz and are about the size of a quarter. Bred for regrowth after harvest of the first fruits; plants will continue to set new fruit, but only if ripe fruit is kept harvested. Sturdy, dwarf plants have nicely branched.

170mm Tomato Heartbreakers™ F1 Solanum lycopersicum Bunnings New

Heartbreakers™ is our series of compact, heart shaped, cocktail tomato plants. Fruit present a lovely heart shape. Each model in the Heartbreakers™ series has an excellent vigor and shows an abundance of fruit. A complete series of orange, red and yellow varieties. The Heartbreakers™ F1 - Dora is a compact type in the Heartbreakers™ range.

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The Heartbreaker tomato plant, nick-named "love-apple", produces delicious cocktail tomatoes with a bright red colour and heart-shaped tip. The skin is soft and the juicy fruit balances sweet and sour perfectly making them a delicious choice for soups and salads or on their own as a healthy snack.

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Heartbreakers™ Twiggy Orange Hybrid Tomato. #00334. Write a Review. 10 seeds. $6.65. 70-85 Days. Fruits grow in clusters, weigh approx. 1/4 oz. each and are about the size of a nickel. Plants are considerably more compact than Dora. Ideal pot size is 5 to 6".

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HEARTBREAKERS™ DORA RED. 55 days. Adorable and prolific, Dora will win you over with sturdy, upright, very compact plants that are draped with heavy trusses of tasty tomatoes. The heart-shaped fruit line up on long bunches and turn from light green to bright red. Right at home in a 6 inch pot on your patio, balcony or best yet, for an outdoor.

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Little Heartbreaker is a micro dwarf growing up to around 20cm in height and can spread around 10-15cm. The fruits ripen from green to bright red. Gorgeous, heart-shaped cherry tomatoes with a little pointy end. Firm fruits with a crispy texture and a sweet tomato flavor. Determinate. 55-60D. 10seeds/pack. In stock.

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My Heartbreaker tomato plants grow about a foot tall and are the first to produce fruits in my garden. The pretty, heart-shaped tomatoes are sweet and perfect for salads. 6) Water. Consistent watering is essential when growing tomato plants in pots. Container-grown tomatoes are more prone to blossom end rot, a physiological disorder that.

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Large yields of adorable heart-shaped tomatoes grow on these amazing hanging tomato plants. Harvest fresh, delicious tomatoes this summer. Bright sunny spots.

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Some varieties are suitable for growing outside, particularly in southern regions. Lycopersicon esculentum 'Heartbreaker' bears masses of pretty, heart-shaped cherry tomatoes on compact, bushy plants. Grow plants in containers and hanging baskets, where they will gently trail over the sides.

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The juicy fruit have a tender skin and the perfect sweet/sour balance with a brix of about 8. Growing Heartbreakers™ F1 - Vita. Crop time from young plant until red fruit is 10-12 weeks. Diameter: ± 35 cm/14". Height: ± 50 cm/20". High transport tolerance. Suitable pot size: 15 cm / 6". Do you want more information on the Heartbreakers.

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The plants will get about 18" to 20" tall and they are a Determinate variety. These will take about 80 days to harvest this is for 25 seeds. A heart shape tomato that is a new variety of Cherry tomato grow these tomato seeds of the tomato Heartbreakers™ Vita F1. This Tomato is a Determinate variety that grows well in a 1 gallon pots.