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KIT KAT NESTLÉ Chocolate Cabin Kit, 800g 3,777. $21.98 $ 21. 98. Next page. Product Description . Break off a piece of the new Nestlé KITKAT hazelnut crunch wafer bar (120 g). inside each bar is a shareable treat with 10 rows of irresistible, rich and crunchy hazelnut pieces on a classically crisp KITKAT wafer, enrobed in a smooth milk.

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KIT KAT® THiNS. Chocolate Hazelnut Candy. Choose a size: Current Size: 7.2 oz bag. 3.1 oz bag. 3.1 oz bag, 8 count box. Buy Now.

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KIT KAT® THiNS Chocolate Hazelnut Candy. KIT KAT® THiNS. Chocolate Hazelnut Candy. Choose a size: Current Size: 3.1 oz bag, 8 count box. 3.1 oz bag. 7.2 oz bag. Buy Now.

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These slim KIT KAT® THiNS hazelnut flavored candy bars are individually wrapped for optimal convenience, easy sharing and lasting freshness. Whether you gift them to friends, pass them out in the office or hold onto them for snacking moments throughout the day, you can expect a delicious treat in the perfect on-the-go size..

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Give into your fillings! Break into KitKat Smooth Hazelnut Chocolate Bar to discover a different way to break. Just unwrap, snap and savour the deliciously smooth chocolate and indulgent filling. 4 crisp batch baked wafer fingers, topped with a smooth hazelnut filling, smothered in deliciously smooth milk chocolate. Made with 100% certified sustainable cocoa, supplied through the Nestle Cocoa.

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Jan. 16, 2022. Courtesy of Kit Kat. Get ready to add two new Kit Kat flavors to your go-to lineup in 2022. Kit Kit is introducing new strawberry-dark chocolate and hazelnut flavors, and both.

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KIT KAT THiNS Milk Chocolate Hazelnut Candy Bag 7.2oz Candy Bag Item No. 034000941711. Qty. $5.99 Our Favorite Share Bags - 5 for $24.99 Free Shipping with $50 purchase Availability: In Stock. Add to Cart Description KIT KAT THiNS Chocolate Hazelnut Crisp wafers, milk chocolate and hazelnuts combine for a match made in heaven..

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KitKat Hazelnutty Block is the perfect treat for a break with your friends and family. With 11 crisp oven baked wafer fingers covered in creamy hazelnut flavoured white choc, topped with coffee biscuit pieces, all on a smooth milk chocolate base it's a tasty, nutty, hazelnutty break! Just unwrap, break off a finger, snap it in two to savour.

FOODSTUFF FINDS New Kit Kat Bites White Chocolate (Ocado) By SpectreUK

Wholesale Enquiries. Introducing the delectable Kit Kat Thins Chocolate Hazelnut - the perfect indulgence for all chocolate lovers out there! Each 87g bag contains approximately 9 delicious wafer-thin Kit Kat bars, coated with smooth and creamy chocolate hazelnut goodness. Satisfy your sweet cravings with the rich, velvety flavour of hazel.

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Contains one (1) 7.2-ounce share pack of KIT KAT THiNS Milk Chocolate Hazelnut Wafer Candy Bars ; Fill snack drawers, lunch boxes and candy dishes all year long with hazelnut-flavored milk chocolate and wafer KIT KAT THiNS candy bars ; Kosher-certified, hazelnut flavored milk chocolate and wafer candy bars individually wrapped for lasting.

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3.9 out of 5 Stars. 106 reviews. Available for Pickup or 3+ day shipping. Pickup 3+ day shipping. Kit Kat® Miniatures Milk Chocolate Wafer Candy, Share Pack 10.1 oz. Add. $14.69. current price $14.69. Kit Kat® Miniatures Milk Chocolate Wafer Candy, Share Pack 10.1 oz.

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Kit Kat Thins Chocolate Hazelnut adds a hazelnut flavor to a light, crispy version of the Kit Kat Thins that launched last year. This new item is available in both 3.1-ounce and 7.37-ounce bags. The item is available at retailers nationwide and is a permanent additions to Kit Kat's lineup. The Hershey Co.

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Packaged in a sharable bag, these thin Kit Kat will wake your taste buds up with their Hazelnut flavor and crispy wafer sticks layered between each bite. This chocolatey treat is the perfect snack to have on hand when you need a quick pick-me-up, or as a snack to have on-the-go! Take a well deserved break with these delightfully thin and tasty.

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Duplo - Like a Hazelnutty Kit Kat. Candy Bars. Confusingly, Ferrero actually makes two different European candy bars called Duplo; one features three segments, each with a whole hazelnut surrounded by chocolate cream, and the other is a Kit-Kat-esque wafer bar infused with hazelnut. This particular one is the wafer variety, and it's made in.

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We taste test new Kit Kat Hazelnutty chocolate!Toy Review Channel: Vlog/Personal Channel:

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Product Info and Benefits. Ingredients and Sizes. Nutritional Info. Product Info. A delicious chocolate bar made of 2 fingers of crispy wafer with a layer of hazelnut pieces, covered in milk chocolate. Made of the finest cocoa with the right portion for a quick snack on-the-go. With real pieces of crunchy hazelnut. Produced in the UAE.