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Step 1: Choose a location. Decide on a location for your vertical herb garden, somewhere sunny but not too harsh. If you have a fence or space on side of a garage or shed, those could be great spots to put your hanging garden on display. Use nails or screws to attach the shoe organizer where you want to hang it.

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Here's how to pick: Step 1: Choose a wall where your herbs will get the best light. If you're relying on natural light, make sure they're near a sunny window. You can use grow lights instead, in which case make sure there is room for your grow lights as well as your garden. Step 2: Make sure your herbs have room to grow.

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Cut the 16-foot rope in half. Run each one down, under, and up each end of the bottom board, making sure to keep the board exactly centered. Measure and make a mark 12 to 14 inches up each side of the ropes and tie a knot. Now you can slide the top board down the ropes to rest on the knots, and tie the ends together. 6.

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Hanging an herb garden in your kitchen is practical for watering purposes and gives you access to fresh herbs as you're cooking. If you have a little nook or a "catch-all" area, hanging garden plants may give the space more purpose. Many herbs grow well in containers, be they glass, ceramic, or plastic. If you want to simplify, just bring.

Hanging Herbs in the Kitchen Chris Loves Julia

For our hanging herb garden we used 5 boards total. 4. Drill holes in four corners of each board 1″ from each side for threaded rods. Bit needs to be just bigger than your threaded rod. 5. We hung ours from a drywall ceiling so we drilled holes using 1/2 in hole saw bit in ceiling to fit the crown bolts. 6.

Hanging Herbs in the Kitchen Chris Loves Julia

Today I'm sharing a fun kitchen update, my Hanging Herb Mason Jars. I love fresh herbs! They just make everything taste, well… fresher. I love some fresh chives on top of my baked potato… or adding fresh basil to my pasta sauces or on the top of my homemade pizza. So when I came across a steal of a deal on some fresh herbs I scooped them.

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Bring your fresh herbs inside with this Hanging Wall Planters - Indoor Vertical Garden - Tutorial. Quick and inexpensive, these planters come together in less than 20 minutes to provide fresh herbs for cooking, aroma, and beauty in your kitchen. Learn how to add charm and fragrance to your kitchen in just minutes with a hanging herb garden!

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To hang them, we were lucky that one hook went into a stud (no need for an anchor!), and the other we screwed an anchor into place and then a hook right into the anchor. Then we just laced jute twine through the planter at the desired length, tied a double knot and trimmed off the excess. Our kitchen smells amazing and the planters add an.

Hanging Herbs in the Kitchen Chris Loves Julia

Air drying: Tie small bunches of herbs with rubber bands. Hang upside down in a dark, well ventilated room for 2-3 weeks. Oven drying: Place leaves in a single layer on a cookie sheet, at lowest temperature setting with oven door ajar, until dry. Microwave: Arrange herbs in single layer between 2 dry paper towels.

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Most herbs need around 6 hours of sunlight per day. This spot where I've placed my hanging herb garden gets plenty of sunlight during the morning hours but not in the afternoon so that's why I sometimes set the pots outside to give them an extra dose of sunlight. After hanging the herbs, I decided that I needed a little sign above them.

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Accept. Learn how to hang dry herbs with our step-by-step guide. Discover the ancient art of preserving flavors as you create aromatic, dried herbs perfect for enhancing your culinary creations. Elevate your cooking with these homegrown treasures. Ideal for beginners and seasoned gardeners alike. Try hanging herbs and infuse your dishes with.

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Check out some really easy-to-make DIY Hanging Indoor Herb Gardens, along with a step-by-step tutorial link given under each that will guide you into creating them easily! 1. Vertical Hanging Herb Garden. 2. Indoor Herb Garden Wall Using a Shoe Organizer. 3. Hanging Window Herb Garden. 4. Hanging Herb Planter.

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Hanging Herb Garden Ideas. 1. Custom Potted Hanging Herb Garden. All you need are 1/2″ planks, 24″ long x 5 1/2″ wide, threaded rod coupling, nuts/washers, and a few other tools to make this one for your studio apartment! 2. Hanging Herb Garden in Kitchen.

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Spray paint the whole hanging unit black or dark grey. Soak the sphagnum moss in a bucket of water. Grab handfuls of moss, squeeze out the excess water and line the planter. Place in the plants, tall on top and trailers on the bottom. Gently remove excess soil and roots to fit the newly made planter. Fill in with potting soil.

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Mount two closet rod support brackets, preferably into studs or using wall anchors in drywall, then attach a 1 or 1.5-inch hardwood dowel closet rod with screws through the base of the rod support hooks. Finish off with a painted shelf, cut to length, across the top.

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This is how to make a DIY hanging herb garden: 1. Measure & Mark. As with most DIY projects, start by measuring and marking where you have to cut and drill. These are the measurements we used. Mark the centre of each of the holes you'll be cutting out and use a compass to draw a circle with a 10cm diameter around each of the centre marks.