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Some of the mystery-flavor pops are basically a cool way to save on food waste, as Eater and Mental Floss have reported: Instead of shutting machinery down between runs and totally emptying out.

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What is Mystery Flavor? We finally have an answer. According to Mental Floss, Mystery Flavor is created when the same candy equipment is used to make two different flavors. Rather than shut down production and clean out the machine between batches, the company keeps the lollipops that combine a little of Flavor A and a little of Flavor B.

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Dum Dums (stylized as Dum•Dums) are an American brand of spherical lollipops . History [ edit] Dum Dums originated from Akron Candy Company in Bellevue, Ohio, in 1924. [1] I.C. Bahr, the early sales manager of the company, named them, thinking "Dum Dums" was a phrase any child could say.

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The Spangler Candy Company has really changed much of anything about Dum Dums since acquiring the candy in 1953. Other than adding 11 other flavors along with the 7 original flavors. Even the logos and wrappers haven't changed much in the 70 years since the Spangler Candy Company bought Dum Dums.

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Find out how your favorite flavor ranks in popularity. Cast your vote to see!

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Original Dum Dums: With almost all the flavors as a possibility for the Original Mix pack, you can find your most or least favorite Dum Dums in this assortment! Color Party Dum Dums: These candies are famous for their colorful wrappers as much as their flavors. You can use this assortment of Dum Dums for your next celebration.

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25. Lemon Lime Spangler Candy One would think that a lollipop flavored with two sour fruits, lemon, and lime, would be tangy and pack a puckering sour-sweet punch. Unfortunately, the Lemon Lime flavor of Dum Dums does neither. It is incredibly mild and fairly bland. Lemon and Lime were two of the original Dum Dums flavors.

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Ranker Food Updated March 16, 2024 48.3K views Ranked By 77.2K votes 6.9K voters 6 reranks Voting Rules All Dum Dum Pop lollipops A list of the Best Dum Dums Flavors. Are you wondering what new flavor is available for Dum Dums?

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Strawberry The strawberry flavor of Dum Dums is well-liked for its sweetness. It packs a serious wallop. When you take a bite into one of these Dum Dums, you'll get a wave of sugary goodness and the scent of berries. 3. Bubble Gum Children universally love the bubble gum flavor of Dum Dums.

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Similar Flavors [] Dum-Dum flavors have evolved over the years. While many flavors are similar, they should be treated as separate flavors. Strawberry. Strawberry (est. 1954) Strawberry Shortcake (est. 2009) Strawberry Milkshake (est. 2016) Strawberry Kiwi (est. 2020) Raspberry and Blueberry. Raspberry (est. 1961) Blu Raspberry (est. 1995)

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All the adults who thought they were sly at the bank when they sneakily found their favorite and mumbled "for my kids" and felt triumphant when they got into the car, tore that sucker open, popped it into their mouth, and smiled. Dum-Dums helped me quit smoking after almost 15 years. I have now been cigarette free for 6 years!

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February 26, 2024 By Frank Dum Dums, the classic lollipop brand, have been a favorite of both children and adults since their creation in 1924. With over 16 flavors to choose from, it can be challenging to decide which one is the best.

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But children that young probably shouldn't be having lollipops anyway. Here's a Dum Dums flavor list history (source wikipedia): Banana (1960-1966, 2005-2008) Banana Split (2009-2011) Black Cherry (1968-1970) Blue Raspberry (1995-Present) Blueberry (2010-Present) Bubble Gum (2002-Present) Buttered Popcorn (2001)

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History of Dum Dums Lollipops. Invented in 1924 by Akron Candy Company in Bellevue, Ohio, Dum Dums candy hit the market in seven delicious flavors of lemon, lime, orange, coconut-pineapple, cherry, grape, and butterscotch, each one even more delicious than the next! These tiny crystalline orbs on a paper-wrapped stick got their whimsical name.

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The Dum Dums Original Mix offers a surprise with every selection, as you discover your favorite flavors in a rainbow of colors and tastes. Crafting moments of happiness one pop at a time, the Dum Dums Original Mix ct. Bag is a versatile treat suitable for any occasion.