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1. Pour whipped cream vodka half way into shot glass. 2. Top with Dr Pepper. 3. Garnish with whipped cream and a cherry. DR P SHOTS 1 Part Whipped Cream Vodka 1 Part Dr Pepper Garnish: Whipped Cream/Cherry PREPARATION 1. Pour whipped cream vodka half way into shot glass and top with Dr Pepper. Garnish with whipped cream vodka and a cherry.

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Discover easy cocktails with dr pepper you can mix from whats in your bar already. 50 cocktail recipes. Free.Candy Rider, Dr. Vodka, Hot Lesbian, Dr. Jim, Mud Puddle, and more

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Instructions. Cut a wedge of lime and place on rim of glass. Fill your highball glass with ice. Using jigger measure and pour 2 oz of vodka into glass. Measure 4 oz of Dr. Pepper and pour into Highball glass. Using bar spoon, stir drink to combine and enjoy!

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Steps. Fill a pint glass halfway with beer. Add the amaretto to a shot glass and top with the rum. Set the rum on fire and very carefully drop the shot glass into the beer. Heat things up with this Flaming Dr. Pepper shot, which combines rum, amaretto and beer. Just remember to have a fire extinguisher ready.

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6. Vodka and Dr. Pepper. If you want something with a bit more oomph, try Dr. Pepper instead! The unique spicy-sweet flavors give the vodka a super pleasant flavor profile. For an extra kick of flavor, garnish this simple cocktail with a splash of lime juice and toss in a maraschino cherry. Go to Recipe. 7.

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Amaretto and Dr. Pepper. This Dr pepper cocktail is very easy to make as well. You simply need 2 oz of amaretto and 4 oz of Dr pepper stirred together in your glass. The bitter almond flavor of the amaretto mixes exceptionally well with the licorice, cherry and other spice flavors of the Dr pepper. We added fizz of the Dr pepper leaves and.

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2. Vodka and Dr. Pepper. Zesty, refreshing, and perfect for summer, you'll love this crisp, biting drink. It's just what you need from a cocktail, without all the sugary sweetness. And all you'll do is combine Dr. Pepper with vodka and a squeeze of lime. Be sure you pour them together and maybe give them a little stir.

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Pepper vodka can add a kick to any drink. Some popular pepper vodka cocktails include the Bloody Mary, the Moscow Mule, and the Screwdriver. For a Bloody Mary, mix pepper vodka with tomato juice, lemon juice, Worcestershire sauce, and Tabasco sauce to taste. For a Moscow Mule, mix pepper vodka with ginger beer and lime juice.

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How to make this cocktail. To make this easy mixed drink, first, pour one part cake flavored vodka into a cocktail glass with ice cubes. Next, add two parts Dr Pepper along with a splash of grenadine on top and stir everything to combine. That's it, no shaking needed!

SODA Dr PEPPER 355 ML Babelle International

Dr Pepper Martini. For a sophisticated twist on a classic cocktail, try a Dr Pepper Martini. Simply mix 2 oz. of vodka with 1 oz. of amaretto and 1 oz. of Dr Pepper in a shaker with ice. Shake well and strain into a martini glass. Garnish with a cherry and enjoy! Spiced Rum and Dr Pepper

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Fruity Twist: Add a splash of fruit juice, such as cherry, raspberry, or strawberry, to your Frozen Dirty Dr Pepper. This fruity infusion will add a burst of flavor and a touch of sweetness to the mix. Blend it all together for a refreshing and vibrant twist on the classic. Citrus Zing: Squeeze in some lemon or lime juice to give your Frozen.

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The original version is recommended as it gies the best balance between sweet and tart. To make a Vodka & Dr Pepper you'll need: โ€ข 1 part vodka. โ€ข 2 parts Dr Pepper. โ€ข Fresh lime juice. โ€ข Cherry (optional) To start with pour 1 part vodka over ice into your glass followed by 2 parts Dr Pepper.

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Method. Serves 1 ยท Takes 3 minutes. Add two shots of Absolut vodka to a highball glass with ice. Top up with Dr Pepper and serve. Makers mode.

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For a simple drink, mix together equal parts Dr Pepper and lime juice and serve over ice. If you're looking for something a little more festive, try this Dr Pepper Margarita. In a blender, combine 1 1/2 ounces tequila, 1/2 ounce Cointreau or Triple Sec, 1/2 ounce lime juice, and 1/2 cup Dr Pepper. Blend until smooth and serve on the rocks.

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View Recipe. 3. Bloody Mary. The Bloody Mary is a classic cocktail with a spicy and savory taste. This recipe includes a pepper-infused vodka that adds an extra layer of heat to the drink. The infusion is made by grilling a variety of peppers and onions and then adding them to a jar with vodka.

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The primary components in a Vodka and Dr Pepper cocktail are: Vodka: Relatively neutral and versatile, it easily complements Dr Pepper and acts as a base in the cocktail. Dr Pepper: The soda adds carbonation, sweetness, and complexity derived from its blend of 23 flavors, including cherry, vanilla, and caramel. To ramp up the vodka and Dr.