Pin by Sarah Matlack on Desserts Graduation desserts, Graduation

Pin by Sarah Matlack on Desserts Graduation desserts, Graduation

Luscious Lime Angel Squares. A creamy lime topping turns angel food cake into yummy squares that are perfect as a graduation dessert. I adapted this luscious treat from another recipe. It is super easy to make. Beverly Marshall, Orting, Washington. Go to Recipe. 9 / 55.

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These whoopie pies are soft, cakey cookies studded with tart, juicy blueberries and filled with tangy cream cheese frosting. They're my go-to graduation party food idea. Be sure to continually scrape the sides of the bowl with a spatula while making the batter and frosting. —Kathy Martino, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

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Cake has always been a symbol of celebratory events in our lives, but I can't help but wonder about other desserts ― mostly because, in recent years, I've noticed a lot of weddings, parties.

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No graduation party is complete without a few graduation party desserts that wow the heck out of your guests! From clever desserts on a stick and cupcakes with a splash of humor to classy fruit parfaits and chocolate-dipped waffles, you'll find the best graduation dessert ideas here.

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In the end, everything relies on your particular preferences, your budget, and the party's theme. 1. Chocolate Chip Cookies. Graduation sweets should include chocolate chip cookies, and the greatest ones are those that are precisely baked, with a crispy exterior and a soft, chewy interior packed with chocolate chips.

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11. Candy Cup Caps. These candy cup caps are perfect for the graduation party, made from peanut butter cups, melted candy coating, chocolate squares, and candy belts. Use a rainbow chip sprinkle to add an elegant touch to the tassel, but make sure it matches the color of the candy belt. 12.

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These mini sandwiches are the ideal party snack for a graduation celebration. Shrimp-salad sliders made with shrimp, celery, and pickled jalapenos, will be a crowd favorite. If you bring this appetizer to a party, transport the shrimp mixture separately, along with toasted rolls and fresh toppings. 07 of 29.

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After the fun and excitement of your graduation day, you're probably ready to get the party started and celebrate your massive achievement. Contents show 1 1.

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30. Chocolate Covered Oreos. Although these aren't nearly as healthy as the waffle cone fruit cups, they're just as easy to make and require no cooking. Dip each Oreo into melted white, milk, or dark chocolate. Before the chocolate dries, add sprinkles, glitter, or any of your other favorite decorations.

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Instructions. Place peanut butter cups upside-down onto frosted cupcakes. Using small amount of frosting, attach a chocolate square to peanut butter cup. Next, pinch the end of 1 piece of licorice to flatten, then place it on the center of the chocolate square, using a small amount of frosting to secure.

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Get the instructions for these fun graduation treats here. 2. One Smart Cookie Bar. One of my favorite dessert ideas for a graduation party is a well-decorated cookie bar. Load up on a ton of different types of cookies and add some cute signs to the table. Make sure to add a big sign that says "One Smart Cookie" for extra cuteness.

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GRADUATION PARTY DESSERTS. 1. CHOCOLATE COVERED OREOS. See this pin on Pinterest. Chocolate covered oreos are delicious! Here's a fun way to incorporate your school colors or keep up your theme's colors with these chocolate dipped oreos in a bucket of coordinating colored candies. RECREATE IT!

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Graduation Dessert Supplies: Here is a list of food items you may need to create the unique graduation party desserts. Reese's Peanut Butter Cups. M&M's Minis. Keebler Delux Grahams. Red Licorice Laces. Marshmallows. Black Candy Melts. White Candy Melts.

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Homemade Baked Beans in the Slow Cooker. Asian Broccoli Salad. Add desserts and probably potato chips and perhaps some cut fruit! 2. Grill Out. Get out the grill and make it a backyard party! Serve any of these and your crowd will be raving. Sweet and Spicy Chicken Legs. Chili Sauce Chicken Legs.

Best Graduation Party Desserts 36 Graduation Desserts That Will Wow

Serve it up alongside Ree's graduation cap brownie bites and an array of graduation party foods, and you'll have diploma-worthy celebration that's as memorable as it is sweet. 1 Piña Colada Cake.. Instant coffee in both the cake and the frosting make this beautiful dessert buzzing with flavor (and caffeine). If that weren't enough, crushed.

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Some other great related grad dessert or food table ideas include: Graduation Party Food Ideas, Food Bar Ideas for Parties, Graduation Party Ideas. Graduation Desserts. When it comes to picking and serving the dessert at the graduation party, it's nice to have options and something for everyone.