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Whataburger is starting off the new year with the introduction of an all-new menu item.. 100% white-meat chicken bites tossed in one of four sauces options: Honey Butter, Buffalo, Honey BBQ and.

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Beginning today at 3 p.m., Whataburger fans with a hankering for chicken can satisfy their cravings with the chain's newest menu item - Whatachick'n Bites. And with a variety of sauces and dressings to choose from, customers can dunk or dip the lightly breaded, bite-sized morsels to suit any mood or meal time.

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Jackie Iadonisi. At Whataburger, they have spent time meticulously crafting the Spicy Chicken Sandwich recipe, and it shows with each bite. It packs a delicious blend of marinated, crispy chicken.

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Whataburger, which already has a line of chicken sandwiches, tenders and bites on its regular menu, wanted its own signature wing, even though the dish is admittedly a dressed-up tender.

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Come 3PM today, the Whataburger chain will be introducing their new Whatachick'n Bites across their 700+ locations in the United States. The new menu item consists of lightly breaded, 100% chicken.

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My Whataburger couldn't keep those bites from being sold. And at least 30 mushroom swiss were being sold each day due to recurring customers. Those strips don't have the same flavor. After 4 minutes out of the grease they tasted like spoiled milk. Well, buttermilk to be more precise. Literally the 3rd worst chicken strip I've ever had.

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Whataburger is introducing Whatawings, a 9-piece boneless bite-sized chicken meal that comes in four classic flavors. Whatwings can be found at a Whataburger location near you, just like you like.

Little Mommy, Big Appetite CrispyBaked Buffalo Chicken Bites

Whatachick'n Bites feature 100% all-white meat chicken breast pieces lightly breaded and fried until golden and crispy on the outside and juicy and tender on the inside.. Whataburger's Whatachick'n Bites are available a la carte in 6- and 9-piece order options for a suggested price of $4.89 and $6.59, respectively.

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Originally introduced in 2012, Whatachick'n Bites feature 100 percent all white-meat chicken breast bites fried up in a light breading until crispy and golden. It's my understanding that Whatachick'n Bites last appeared on Whataburger's menu back in 2017. While prices may vary, a 6-piece order of Whatachick'n Bites is priced at $4.89, while a 9-piece order goes for $6.59.

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View the latest Whataburger prices including the classic Whataburgers, chicken sandwiches, and Whatachick'n Strips and Bites. Skip to content. Fast Food Menu Prices. Whatachick'n Bites - Meal: 9 Pc. $6.99: Grilled Chicken Melt: $4.19: Grilled Chicken Melt - Meal: $6.49: Breakfast Meals Include Hash Brown Sticks and Choice of Coffee.

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Just so you're aware, here are a couple removed items. Chicken bites. Fajita veggies. Mushrooms and swiss cheese. Jalapeno cheddar biscuit. Breakfast burger. I believe that's most, if not all the recently removed items. 6 more replies. justin_austinite • 2 yr. ago.

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Whatawings will be bite-sized chicken dipped in popular Whataburger sauces. SAN ANTONIO - Whataburger is kicking the new year off with Whatawings, adding several new flavors of bite-sized.

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The sandwich starts with a perfectly marinated, crispy chicken filet, topped with fresh, cool leaf lettuce, tomatoes, pickles and mayo, finished with a toasted four-inch bun. "At Whataburger, we've spent time meticulously crafting the Spicy Chicken Sandwich recipe - and it shows with each bite. It packs a delicious blend of marinated.

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Whataburger offers a variety of delicious burgers, shakes and breakfast items that you can order online with curbside and delivery options. Explore the menu and find your nearest Whataburger location today.

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Boneless WhataWings feature 100 percent white-meat chicken bites tossed in one of our four sauces, including Buffalo, Honey Butter, Honey BBQ and Sweet & Spicy. Boneless WhataWings are also available Dry, unsauced. While prices vary by market, you can expect to pay $9.49 for an order of nine Boneless WhataWings tossed in your choice of sauce.