The 7 Best CultFavorite British Cleaning Products Apartment Therapy

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The UK Cleaning Products Industry Association is the leading trade association for companies representing UK producers of cleaning and hygiene products. This includes soaps, washing powders and liquids, household disinfectants, air care and polishes, as well as professional cleaning and hygiene products used in industrial and institutional applications.

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Buy Now. Save to Wish List. 4. O-Cedar Multi-Use Scrunge. Listen, we really love sponges. This pick, made by O-Cedar, is the best use-on-anything sponge we've tried, thanks to its finely textured scrubber and thick, curved cellulose material. It's a scrubber. And a sponge. It's a scrunge, and we love it.

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The cleaning products that are not listed as our favorites have been chosen based on incredible customer ratings. Meet our cleaning experts. Christina Chrysostomou. Acting head of ecommerce. Christina lives with her husband in a 2-bedroom maisonette in the suburbs. As our appliances expert, most of the cleaning she does revolves around her kitchen.

The 7 Best CultFavorite British Cleaning Products Apartment Therapy

Many homeowners will stock up on cleaning products ready for a big spring clean, but it is likely that throughout the year, you will also need to purchase bits and bobs to meet all of your cleaning needs. Here in the UK, there is no denying that there are a few big named cleaning brands that people always turn to and that many know they can rely on whenever they're in need of cleaning.

The 7 Best CultFavorite British Cleaning Products Apartment Therapy

The best natural, eco-friendly cleaning brands. Bio-D. Bio-D is a small family business which sells an affordable range of eco-friendly cleaning products. You can purchase many of their products in bulk, up to 15L, and use them to refill your container. Bio-D stands for "biodegradable" as they only use plant-based ingredients.


Morrisons Cleaners Morrisons cleaning products available worldwide with door to door delivery. Sundry Brand Household Cleaners Household cleaners and Car Care. Duck Toilet Bleaches and Cleaners. Homecare Hob rite and shiny sink. Windolene Window cleaning products by Windolene available in a spray, cream and handy wipes.

The 7 Best CultFavorite British Cleaning Products Apartment Therapy

UKCS Group. At UKCS, we're redefining the game for businesses, whether you're a small independent venture or a national corporation. As industry pioneers, we're your ultimate destination for all things cleaning, hygiene, and catering supplies. Our diverse clientele spans from luxurious hotels and bustling restaurants to massive events, schools.

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Cleaners. We believe hygiene is at the forefront of our business. A wide range of environmentally responsible cleaning solutions are provided for various high-profile clients, all designed to keep every space clean and fresh. Know More.

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Shop 10-15, 15-20, 5-10 and more Home Care & Cleaning at British Essentials Whether it's time for a spring clean or not, British Essentials can provide you with a British Essentials can provide you with all you need to get a difficult stain out your carpet, take on a whole house clean or tackle a filthy oven

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Shipping worldwide. Customer Support: Mon-Fri 8:30am-4pm UK time. GET A QUOTE: Sustainable Business Partner: ISO 9001 & 14001 Compliant. We formulate, manufacture and supply cleaning/hygiene products from the UK worldwide. Cleenol brands: Evolution, Mixxit, Crystalbright & British Nova.

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Seep Sponge with Loofah Scourer. £9.50 for 4 at Seep. The trusty Seep Sponge from Bower Collective is 100% plastic-free and also 100% compostable. Use it for cleaning dishes or surfaces around the home, and there's the advantage that this cleaning sponge is long-lasting.

The 7 Best CultFavorite British Cleaning Products Apartment Therapy

Astonish cleaning, home of the Great British Sparkle. Astonish is a family company which offers cruelty-free and vegan cleaning products for your home. Products Astonish Story Tips & Hacks Eco Care 0 Search for products, tips & inspiration!.

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10f30075. Elliott is a British cleaning brand with over 65 years of housework expertise. Founded in London, England, in 1948 by young entrepreneur Otto Elliott, our earliest successes began in selling traditional brush ware, in particular old fashioned scrubbing brushes and hand brushes for floors, steps, and stairs. We have gr.

The 7 Best CultFavorite British Cleaning Products Apartment Therapy

BRITISH LIME. Uplift your mood instantly by misting your atmosphere with the aroma of fresh lime. British Lime guarantees to uplift your spirit and keep your head up through the day. APPLICATION.. Cleaning products are available in 5-litre, 1000-ml, and 500-ml packages.

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Affordable, UK produced, cleaning products made from ethically sourced ingredients. At Bio-D, we offer a range of cleaning products suitable for everyone. Our products are some of the most sustainable and environmentally friendly cleaning solutions on the market. Manufactured in Hull, East Yorkshire, Bio-D are proud to produce high quality.

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From the ingredient we put in our products to the way we run our plants, we work every day to do what is right. At SC Johnson, we care about making life cleaner, healthier and better. That is why we have spent over a century making innovative, quality products that work. Learn more about our SC Johnson brands and products found in homes around.