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Instructions. Prepare Pudding - beat cream cheese: In large mixing bowl with a handheld mixer or stand mixer, beat the cream cheese on medium speed until well whipped, about 2 minutes. Add condensed milk + vanilla: Add the condensed milk and vanilla to the bowl. Beat on medium for 1 minute.

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Pour in the mixed cream cheese and condensed milk mixture into the pudding bowl. Mix until fully combined. Add in the whipped topping and mix until fully combined. Line the bottom of your desired pan or bowl with cookies. Add a layer of the pudding then another layer of cookes. Repeat the layering until all the pudding and cookies are gone.

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Smash the bananas* and blend them with the cream cheese. Add a container of Cool Whip to the cream cheese mixture. Then add the powdered sugar and vanilla pudding mix. Finally, add the milk to the mixture, mixing well. In a large baking dish or trifle dish, add a bottom layer of vanilla wafers.

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The first step is to infuse the milk with the flavor of banana. Slice the bananas and add them to the milk. Heat the milk mixture until it just starts to boil or simmer. Remove from the pan and let the milk cool down in the fridge. Let the bananas infuse the milk for about 4 hours, or up to 12 hours.

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Sprinkle the pudding mix over the milk, then stir them together using a whisk. Set this aside. 2 - Using a hand mixer or stand mixer, combine the cream cheese and condensed milk in a different bowl until they become smooth. Photo Credit: Pear Tree Kitchen. 3 - Add the whipped topping and combine everything.

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Instructions. First, add all the ingredients (except the bananas) to your blender. This includes the coconut milk, cornstarch, vanilla extract, agave nectar, cinnamon, and salt. Blend everything together for about 30 seconds until the mixture is smooth and well combined.

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Finally, stir in half of the whipped topping. Time to layer. Place one-third of the vanilla wafers in a layer on the bottom of a trifle dish, large bowl or a 9×13 baking dish.

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1. Whisk the pudding mix into the milk. 2. Add the sweetened condensed milk and vanilla. 3. Fold in the frozen whipped topping. 4. Layer the mixture with the sliced bananas and vanilla wafers. DHUNTER9.

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Cook pudding base. Whisk together the sugar and flour in a large saucepan. Whisk in the milk. Then cook over medium heat, stirring continuously, until the mixture begins to bubble and thicken. Temper eggs. Remove the pudding from the stove. Pour 1/2 cup of the mixture into the eggs, constantly whisking, to temper.

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Step one: Add all of your ingredients except the bananas to a blender and blend for 30 seconds. Step two: Pour this mixture into a saucepan and bring to a boil over medium heat. Stir with a fork or whisk constantly. If not stirred quickly, the cornstarch will start to seize.

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A full printable version of this recipe with ingredient measurements is available at the bottom of this post. STEP ONE: In a big bowl, whisk together the instant vanilla pudding and cold milk until it's completely smooth. Let it sit for 5 minutes to thicken. STEP TWO: Add the sweetened condensed milk and vanilla extract to the bowl with the.

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Step 3: Layer. Use a 9 by 13-inch casserole dish, a large trifle dish, a large serving bowl, or even individual mason jars to assemble the pudding. Start by adding a layer of vanilla wafers to the bottom of your chosen dish, followed by a layer of pudding, then a layer of bananas, and then a layer of vanilla wafers.

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Reserving the remainder to spread as a topping later. In a 8x8 or 9x13 dish add a few large spoonful of the pudding mixture. Smooth into a single layer. Add a layer of vanilla or Nilla wafers. Top with a few more spoonful of pudding mixture. Repeat the layer two more times, about 3 layers of wafers all together.

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Make the pudding mixture: Add cream cheese to the bowl of a stand mixer or large bowl and beat until smooth. Add sweetened condensed milk and beat until combined. Add pudding mixes and milk and beat for 4 to 5 minutes, scraping down the sides of the bowl as needed. Fold in two-thirds of the whipped cream.

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Instructions. Before beginning, open the pudding packet and reserve 1.5 tablespoons of pudding mix in a medium bowl for the whipped cream layer. In another medium bowl, use a whisk to combine the remainder of the pudding packet with the whole milk until no lumps remain. Set aside (will thicken in just a few minutes).

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Pour the sweetened condensed milk and water into a large mixing bowl. Using an electric hand mixer on low speed, mix until combined. Add the vanilla instant pudding mix and beat for 2 to 3 minutes, until well incorporated. Cover the mixing bowl with plastic wrap.