Pregnant Michelle Williams Would Make ‘Greatest Showman’ Sequel ‘In a Heartbeat’ (2023)

A million dreams! Michelle Williams would be on board with reprising her Greatest Showman role — if a sequel gets made.

“I would make another one of those in a heartbeat,” the 41-year-old star told Variety in an interview published on Thursday, May 12. “I wish they’d make a sequel.”

The pregnant actress — who is expecting her third child and second baby with husband Thomas Kail — played Charity Barnum in the 2017 musical. (Williams shares daughter Matilda, 16, with late Heath Ledger and son Hart, 23 months, with Kail, 44.)

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Pregnant Michelle Williams Would Make ‘Greatest Showman’ Sequel ‘In a Heartbeat’ (1)

Williams noted that the happiness that came with the movie, which follows P.T. Barnum on his road to becoming a famous entertainer with his creation of Barnum & Bailey Circus, makes her optimistic for a sequel.

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“That movie brought so much joy to so many people and to make people that happy, man that is a worthwhile thing to spend your time doing,” she added. “I love making things for kids that are full of joy and positivity.”

While her onscreen husband Hugh Jackman’s P.T. Barnum sang most of the film’s hits, including “The Greatest Show” and “Rewrite the Stars,” Williams belted out a few tunes.

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The Dawson’s Creek alum showed off her music chops during songs such as “Tightrope” and “A Million Dreams.”The film became the fifth-highest-grossing live-action musical after bringing in $435 million worldwide but her Greatest Showman performance wasn’t just a hit with moviegoers — Williams’ eldest child is a fan of the film.

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“I really love that movie,” the Blue Valentine actress said. “My daughter Matilda sang those songs. My mom is still listening to that soundtrack.”

The My Week With Marylin star, who confirmed her third pregnancy earlier this month, isn’t the only Greatest Showman star wanting to return for another movie.

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Jackman, 53, previously showed interest in reprising his role as the musical ringleader but revealed in August 2021 that progress on a sequel had come to a halt.

Pregnant Michelle Williams Would Make ‘Greatest Showman’ Sequel ‘In a Heartbeat’ (2)

“There’s no script. I don’t know what’s happening with that,” the Wolverine actor told LADbible at the time. “And you know, this was a Fox movie that is now a Disney movie, right? So I don’t know what the plan is. I haven’t heard anything. Honestly, I haven’t heard anything.”

Jackman assured his fans, however, that not all hope is lost. “But it did take us eight years to get that first movie made, you know, to create and write music and build it,” he continued. “So if there’s going to be a sequel, and I’m not going to be on a Zimmer frame, we better get going.”

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