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There are many PUA Training companies – Why you guys?


3SR is the evolution, the next stage of the game. We are not a team of Coaches who learned from a guy, who learned from a guy,who started out learning from Mystery. We learned straight from the horses mouths!
AND the selection of 'Master' PUAs and Trainers in our team, should be a clue. Many of our trainers are alsoProfessionally Trained Coaches,presenters and trainers, so we have the skill to help YOU learn faster withReal practical Skill growth.
And not... have 2 days of theory pushed down your throat (that you could have read from a book!).

We also really do "Rip it up infield"... no excuses (and we hear some horror stories) that "we did our time - now it's all on you" - No! we will get down and dirty with you INFIELD, you will be in a set with us to see first hand how she reacted, we will come into Your Set and wing for you and share a story about You, just so you can feel her attitude change towards you.We are also the only PUA Training and Social Skills company that has a dedicated 6 month in-depth Coach Development Program, teaching our Coaches not just about how to be a great Pickup Artist, but HOW to Coach in many different styles - all so we can adapt our coaching for what YOU need to be taught in a style that works best for you.

And please do - compare the other companies, we're confident your intuition will guide you back. Just take a look at the sheer Value (even Extra Days) you get on our programs (1on1 day after personal action planning and or, 1 months follow up Skype Coaching) to name but a few on our 'Impact' and 'Premier' Bootcamps.So if you want to have the fastest growth in the shortest amount of time and get the RIGHT skill set to tip the balance of Attraction in your favour? Just get in touch and we'll be happy to make some suggestions on where to start.


You have lots of Programs – where do I start?


Yes, we pride ourselves of having a diverse range of specialist skills in our team, so you've probably already noticed while looking for a PUA Bootcamp to improve your Dating,
Pickup and Social skills, that we have a range of programs to choose from.So Yes! - where do YOU start?

Great Question and it will come down to many factors including:

  • Your present Social level
  • Your PUA skill level (including ability to Approach)
  • Your understanding of the Dos and Don'ts of Modern Pickup
  • Your presentMeeting, Attracting, Closing Women Challenges
  • Your personal Goals of attending e.g. gaining confidence, more socially conversational, find a girlfriend, have more sex, own the room!
  • Your Budget
  • and even the time you have post program to invest in practising

A Bootcamp has always been the standard in the Dating industry, but now we have a host of programs including a Skype Coaching call (an ideal way to start just to get some feedback from a qualified coach), or even a Road Trip, so you can learn and practise daily over 7 days while having a holiday and amazing fun experience, or perhaps you want to get skills even faster and wish to learn 1on1 with a program uniquely designed for you?

Both Mystery and Discovery both recommend that you complete the Game Analysis and spend 10-20 mins (free) chatting with one of our junior Coaches, who have been where you are and have experienced first hand all of our Programs, as they will be able to best guide you on where to start. Complete the 2 min 'Game Analysis' form


My English is not so good, can you still help?


Hopefully so as we do have Coaches globally who speak;

  • German,
  • Norsk,
  • Dutch,
  • Urdu,
  • Hindu,
  • Spanish
  • Italian

And we are constantly adding new coaches globally with other languages.
Answered by: Rick Dutch


Is there a money back guarantee?


The 'MBG' has long been used in the pickup community as a marketing 'hook' to get guys to commit. This is not our intention and nor will we be using it as a marketing hook.

Now it's fair to ask that if we provide a 'tight run ship' with 'professionally trained' Coaches, cover important topics both from experience and understanding and CANE IT INFIELD! ... it's only fair to ask that we get paid... AND it's only fair that if YOU are Not growing both in your understanding of what creates attraction, improving in your pickup skills, getting some personal Infield Coaching and or seeing Demos to open your eyes to what is possible. Then hell yeah! we'll give you your money back.

Again, lets have a bit of realism too... let's say you don't like the group of guys you are with, or you want a bit more 'pushing' infield (or less) - horses for courses - then let's be adults and simply, grab the Coach/Program Manager and ask for a quick chat and we will bend over backwards (no not for that) to make it right for you - Fair?


Will you do a 1on1 in my home town?


We will always 'work with the willing'.... We won't even charge extra time for days travelling, but our Coaches will expect travel and accommodation covered.

However (and this has been a regular request over the years). Ask yourself, WHY do you want the Coaching in your own home town? Sometimes we find that if a guy has had such a tough time in his home town and he simply needs to see it's possible to believe and move forward. Fine, we can do that. Discovery and Mystery have been around the Globe (and back to Grandma's for Pancakes) and have consistently performed infield in EVERY city!!! So we know the model works and would be happy to come and lift the roof off YOUR town and even add some extra perceived value to your social status locally.

But,...... and this is a BIG Fury Hat BUT.... Do you really want to be practising and falling off the bike locally? We find it works much better when you do the practise somewhere else and then take your new skills back to your home town to have some fun with. Have a chat withBobbyand he will guide you right with what is best for you.


Is Rick Dutch actually Dutch?


Does a Bear shit in the woods?
Does a Stripper like tips?
Do Tramps like chips?
answered by Discovery


I am over 40, am I too old?


Simply put... NO and a BIG NO!
Some of the Best Pickup Artists and Dating Coaches in the world are over 40!!! (includingMysteryandDiscovery). While you mightfeelit's to late to learn and that these 'kids' have much of an edge on you. Don't forget you have a wealth of Life Experience that they do not! That life experience, knowledge and wisdom just needs 're-packaging' to make it more attractive to women. That said with that 'life experience' comes probably a lot of time either in relationship (little practise meeting women) or much time picking upbad habits. We find that with older guys - they have clearer objectives of what they want and are here for a reason, whether to recover from a break up, move on after divorce, or find someone special to settle down with. And with clearer objectives it doesn't take long to get you on the right path with the skills, knowledge and attitude to making those desires come true.


Has Mystery really been laid that many times?


Well if you're asking to make yourself feel better, because it sounds like another world from where you are right now. Sorry this aint going to help.YES, Models, Super Models, Playboy Playmates, Actresses, Exotic Dancers, Authors (no not Neil Strauss), Porn Stars, Celebrities... need we go on? oh and forgot to mention the Primordial Dwarf!


and Who the hell is Bobby?


Glad you asked that. As Bobby was and is a Student ofThe Game,just like yourself. And you thinkyou have it tough! Man oh man..... We met Bobby just over a year ago - quite distraught with his life and by his own admission"life is tough Mystery! I am a short, fat, Asian dude living inScandinavia where they are all tall,blonde and beautiful.... and I'm very alone!" Now it's safe to say and sure Bobby won't mind us sharing, he was starting from a low place and a real AFC skill level. A Geek Collector with very little social interaction skill. So a Bootcamp with Mystery and Discovery is where we first met Bobby in Norway. Now it hasn't been an easy journey whatsoever for Bobby and a year in, 30lbs lighter, bags more confidence, witty and able to make girls laungh + even better business leader, Bobby knows he still has a long way to go to meet the perfect girl. But the skills he has learned - literally have turned his life around. So when he approached us about wanting to help other guys and encourage them to take action, it just seemed right to make the role of Program Manager available for him. Trust us... he knows where you are at and having attended a Basic Bootcamp, Premier Camp and recent Road Trip, Bobby is the ideal guy to guide you to which program is right for you.

For clarification - that's who Bobby is.


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