Eyewris on 'Shark Tank': Here's how you can buy foldable reading glasses that double as wristwear (2023)

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Eyewris on 'Shark Tank': Here's how you can buy foldable reading glasses that go from wristwear to eyewear and back again

ByAritri Paul
Published on :14:00 PST, May 19, 2023

Eyewris on 'Shark Tank': Here's how you can buy foldable reading glasses that double as wristwear (1)

SANTA BARBARA, CALIFORNIA: In 'Shark Tank' Season 14, episode 22, father and son pair Mark and Kenzo Singer pitch Eyewris, their wrist-worn reading glasses. With the formal debut of their unique range of reading glasses, the father-son partnership has set out to address a daily difficulty for millions of people all over the world.


Let's be real here. The goal of being on 'Shark Tank' is often not to strike a deal with a shark, according to the majority of business owners. Although the negotiations over stock and investments make for exciting entertainment, the "Shark Tank bump" is the true advantage of a presence on the show. Whether a business strikes a deal with the Sharks or not, it will often see a boost in sales of up to thrice after the 'Shark Tank' episode airs. For instance, Fat Shack almost quadrupled the number of franchises they owned after appearing on 'Shark Tank' in less than three years, while Biaggi sold more than $2.5 million worth of bags on QVC in the year after the appearance. Now the Eyewris owners are hoping to secure a deal that will help their company reach new heights.


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What is Eyewris?

Eyewris, founded by Mark and Kenzo, provides a novel solution to a frequent difficulty that many individuals who use reading glasses face: carrying them about all the time. The business has created a foldable reading glass design that can be worn on the wrist, guaranteeing that the glasses are always available when needed. The Eyewris glasses have been meticulously crafted to be both fashionable and useful. They are built with ultra-durable lenses that are 10 times stronger than normal glass or plastic lenses. These lenses also have scratch-resistant, smudge-resistant, and anti-reflective coatings to keep them clear and effective even after extended usage. They also have a blue light filter and 100% UV protection to protect the wearer's eyes.

One of Eyewris' significant accomplishments is the attention it garnered for its design quality. The firm received the coveted Red Dot award for its premium folding reading glasses.


The lenses of Eyewris glasses are designed to be scratch and smudge resistant, reducing the risk of wearing them on the wrist. Smudging is not an issue with these glasses, since the wrist generates less oil than the palms and fingers. The folding design also allows you to open and close the glasses with one hand, making them a convenient and practical everyday solution. The Eyewris glasses are packaged in a sturdy protective container with a cleaning cloth. They're constructed of nickel-titanium memory metal, stainless steel, lightweight TR-90 thermoplastic manufactured in Switzerland, and impact/scratch-resistant lenses. These materials guarantee that the glasses are not only long-lasting but also comfortable to wear.

Eyewris was created in answer to a need: finding a comfortable solution to carry reading glasses without fuss. The firm feels it has reached the right blend of elegance and usefulness in its product after years of development, innumerable design iterations, and revisions.


Eyewris is a novel, fashionable, and effective alternative for folks who need reading glasses but find it difficult to take them around. These glasses are a great addition to the eyewear industry due to their folding form, robust materials, and unique functions.

Eyewris on 'Shark Tank': Here's how you can buy foldable reading glasses that double as wristwear (3)


Who are the founders of Eyewris?

Mark is an award-winning furniture designer, sculptor, inventor, and master craftsman who founded and co-created Eyewris. His work has been displayed in prestigious institutions such as the Museum of Modern Art in New York, the Museum of Modern Art in San Francisco, and the Boston Museum of Fine Arts. Mark is also the inventor and originator of the Gorilla Glue firm and product, as well as the founder of Giati Designs.

Kenzo, Eyewris' co-founder and president, was working as a structural engineer in Los Angeles when his father, Mark, came up with the idea for Eyewris. Kenzo majored in structural engineering and architecture at Cornell University, where he earned his bachelor's degree in 2010 and his master's in 2011. Mark and Kenzo's collaboration resulted in the discovery of the bi-stable bridge, which was critical in the development of the Eyewris folding reading glasses.


What is the cost and how to buy Eyewris folding reading glasses?

They're more costly than the Dollar Store readers at $110 a pair, but they're built to last, so you don't have to continually buy new ones. You may get them at the company's website or on Amazon.


Customers have shared positive experiences on the company's website. One of the reviews read, "I love to go on a long nature walk with my dog. I can check details on shells and flowers with my Eyewris. I just pull my sunglasses up on my head and use Eyewris. No more juggling sunglasses and reading glasses on two strings, and no more looking like a grandma!" Another person wrote, "I bought these for my mom, who is 65 and always stylish. They're not only super functional, and snap onto her wrist when she's not using them, but they're gorgeous, in tortoise and gold, and match everything she wears - from the beach to dinner. She's always losing her reading glasses, and I'm so glad I found EyeWris for her." A third comment read, "Got these for my wife, and I'm going to have to pick up a pair for myself. Impressive product."


Where is Eyewris now?

The glasses are worn on the face in the same way as traditional eyewear, except for the "arms," which softly but firmly clasp the temples. The glasses act similarly to a bracelet on the wrist. It only takes one hand, one action, and one second to go from wristwear to eyeglasses. The folding mechanism's tactile feel genuinely brings the glasses to life.

The project began in Santa Barbara in 2017, and complete working prototypes were finished in mid-2018. Throughout the production prototype phase, the design was constantly improved. Despite delays caused by the worldwide pandemic, the first production models were finished in November 2021.


The appropriate frame proportions were determined using ergonomic studies to accommodate 95% of human faces and wrists. To ensure that the bridge could open and shut for at least 25,000 cycles, the fatigue limitations of nickel-titanium memory metal were important. This part's heat treatment technique was also crucial for the spring mechanism to work properly. A patented technology was developed to reduce optical distortion in the lenses due to the large base curve required for ergonomics on the wrist.

The area of eyeglasses has been carefully investigated and optimized in terms of shape and function for centuries. As a result, real eyewear innovation is very rare and difficult to produce. While the notion of "glasses on the wrist" is not novel, the design problems have prevented it from being well-executed. Looking back on the design process, the most difficult problem was the initial one: developing a whole new category of eyewear.


Who will steal the deal?

While the Sharks may like the spectacles, they are unlikely to make a bid. Mark, the proprietor of Gorilla Glue, does not appear to require the funds. He must have received a sizable 7-figure sum when he sold the firm. He also runs Giati Designs, a company that creates and sells high-end furniture pavilions and other items. At the very least, he's not broke. There will be no offers if the Sharks find out, which they will. However, this may be an excellent advertisement for Eyewris.


'Shark Tank' Season 14, Episode 22 airs on ABC on Friday, May 19, 2023, at 8 pm ET. Catch the latest episode featuring products like Eyewris, Influencers in the Wild, Tones of Melanin, and Tucky.

Missed an episode? Episodes can also be viewed the next day on demand, or on Hulu. Besides, you can also watch old seasons and episodes on Amazon Prime Video and iTunes.

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