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Buttermilk Pie. View Recipe. Pluffy. For a Thanksgiving dessert that stands out, ditch the pumpkin and pecan pies, and make this classic buttermilk pie instead. It's sweet and slightly tangy flavor and creamy, custardy consistency make a winning combination that'll be welcome among the abundance of fall flavors.


Many Thanksgiving traditions are the same in 2022 as they were in the 1950s. It was, however, a much different time. A day of thanks meant something different to those who lived through WW II and Korea. America was moving out of the shadow of World War 2 while facing off against a new threat. At the same time, new inventions and an improving.

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buttered corn. baked apples. I ended up doing braised pork chops rather than baked. I floured the pork chops and seasoned them with salt, pepper, garlic powder and a bit of Creole seasoning (old habits die hard!). I browned them in hot oil, added a bit of water, covered and baked at 350 degrees about an hour.

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Thanksgiving gatherings were a formal affair in the 1950s, with people donning their finest suits and dresses. These popular cocktails from the 1950s helped get the party started for the adults. Seafood was big as an appetizer, often in the form of clam chowder or cream of oyster soup. Roasted turkey was of course the star of the meal, but it.

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Vintage Thanksgiving Menu from the 1950s. 1950s Spring Lunch Meal Plans. Vintage Easter Menu from the 1950s. A Real 1950's Meal Plan. Sharing is caring! Filed Under: 1950s Housewife Tips, Cooking, Fall, Homemaking, Seasonal Tagged With: vintage meal plans.

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Yes, the people of the 1950's were nuts about jello. Jello was not new by any means. The first powdered gelatin was patented in 1845, more than 100 years before this fabulous decade. Yet, something in the air around Thanksgiving time in the 50's compelled enough people to make interesting jello concoctions in numbers.

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Every 1950s Thanksgiving film and photo shows a man carving the turkey, and as late as 1990, The New York Times featured a bizarre trend piece about the secret shame of men who were not good at.

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1950s Meal Plan Featuring Chicken. Golden Broiled Chicken Dinner. This chicken recipe is quite simple. Just a broiled chicken with salt and pepper. It did call for MSG but I'd skip that and use some fresh herbs instead. Broiled Chicken. Fluffy Mashed Potatoes. Buttered Brocolli. Stuffed Celery.

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Make extra time in December by following a 1950s monthly meal plan. Vintage menus for a month of family dinners and lunches.. A Vintage Thanksgiving: Host the 1950s Thanksgiving Dinner of your Dreams $ 14.00. Get the ebook '50s Housewife Planning Bundle $ 37.00. Try the Planner.

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Here are five 1950s Thanksgiving recipes to try this year. Slow-Roasted Turkey. Roasted turkeys were the star of every 1950s Thanksgiving meal, even though honey-glazed hams started appearing at the table in the mid-century as well. Carve this buttery turkey and serve it on a vintage turkey platter, garnishing your plate with orange halves and.

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A Vintage Thanksgiving: Host the 1950s Thanksgiving Dinner of your Dreams. $14.00. Get the ebook. Save. Here are some of my favorite new, retro-style, Thanksgiving decorations that I use to decorate for my most vintage holiday dinner! 1. Beistle Paper Decorations. Oh, yes: for any vintage holiday, ANYTHING BY BEISTLE!

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Mocha Yule Log. This eye-catching dessert is guaranteed to delight holiday dinner guests. Chocolate lovers will lick their lips over the yummy cocoa cake, mocha filling and frosting. For a festive touch, I garnish the log with marzipan holly leaves and berries. โ€”Jenny Hughson, Mitchell, Nebraska.

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Traditional Thanksgiving Meal from 1956. Roast turkey with sausage stuffing and giblet gravy. Glazed sweet potatoes. Brussels sprouts with peas. Creamed onions. Relish tray with olives, celery, cranberry sauce, watermelon pickle, spiced peaches. Pumpkin pie (or ice cream pumpkins for children)

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It meant in the 1950s for the housewife that they must have theme decoration for the holiday, and the decoration must include thematically decorated print tablecloth and plates, turkey-shaped place cards, and, a big-ass wicker cornucopia in the center of the table. Some ladies even made a cornucopia-print skirt, especially for Thanksgiving.

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Baked Squash. Celery, Cucumbers, Pickles. Cranberry Sauce. Homemade Rolls. Butter Mold. Pumpkin Pie. This 1940s Thanksgiving menu is a bit bigger and seems like one that would be better for a larger family gathering. Cranberry Shrub. Roast Turkey.


Saute sliced mushrooms caps from 1 pound of mushrooms until golden brown, in the fat left in the roasting pan, as in gravy. Add an equal amount of flour, blend, and add liquid as in gravy, using giblet liquor as a part of it. Add the chopped giblets. If desired, cook mushroom stems in 2 cups water for 20 minutes.